Wait, isn't Gen Con one big game night?

Sure it is! But let's face it, there isn't much going on from 8-10 on Friday. The Exhibit Hall closes at 6:00, you've eaten by 7:00, and at 8:00 desperate DJs in empty bars from Market to Maryland have already queued up their third Dr. Who Theme Remix, the mellow trancy one.

So why not play with us instead?

You're in? Perfect! Here's everything you need to know:

When/Where is it?
Friday, August 18th from 8:00 to 10:00 PM at:
Tomlinson Tap Room
222 E Market St Indianapolis, IN 46204
How much does it cost?
Nothing. £0.00. FREE!
Do I need to bring games?
That'd be great! We'll have a few of our favorites on hand (and one or two that we made ourselves). But, of course, the more games and teachers we have, the better!
Is it all ages?
Yes! The bar area is 21+ but the mezzanine (where the games will be) is open to all ages.
What happens at 10:00 PM? Is it over?
No, but we might put down our dice and pick up glasses. Stick around and have a few drinks with us!
Will there be food?
Yup, the kitchen has offered to stay open until at least 11:00 PM.
OK! Last question. What's Pretend Money?
We're a small group dedicated to making board gaming better through technology. Remember how SU&SD escaped Tumblr to a new home, with an actual business model? That was us.

Everything good? Good.
See you Friday.